Shop – [Ready! Ecommerce]

Shop – [Ready! Ecommerce]

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To display product use next shortcode:
[product id=“615″ show=“sku“ theme=“standart“]

id – product ID
show – parameter list you want to show for your product
You can use: ‘full_image’, ‘preview_images’, ‘title’, ‘price’, ‘show_extra_fields’, ‘sku’, ‘details’, ‘quantity’, ‘show_twitter’, ‘show_gplus’, ‘show_facebook’, ‘short_descr’, ‘full_descr’, ‘add_to_cart’
exclude – parameter list you want to exclude from product view, same list as for show, use one of those two parameters
theme – theme code
gallery_position used to position your pictures, can be one of 2 values – ‘left’ or ‘right’
Displaying products with shortcodes example

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